Viktor Krüger in Vienna

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Viktor Krüger for the USA TV Network

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Viktor Krüger Podcast – Storytelling in it’s purist form because you are telling it with your body. (The artist’s voice by Petra Sittig)

„Viktor Krüger’s diverse background certainly adds depth to his acting career. Transitioning from professional athletics and wrestling to acting and bodyguarding suggests a wealth of experiences that informs his performances. His involvement with WCW indicates a familiarity with physicality and performance, which translates well onto the screen.

Viktor has a passion for the craft of acting and storytelling. This passion likely drives his performances, as he seeks to bring authenticity and depth to the characters he portrays. His Austrian and German productions likely benefit from his unique blend of experiences and talents, adding a dynamic element to the storytelling.

Overall, Viktor Krüger’s journey from athlete and wrestler to actor reflects a diverse career path shaped by a love for performance and storytelling.“

~ Petra Sittig 2nd of April, 2024)

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Viktor Krüger (English: Krueger) is a trained actor from Austria, former professional athlete (American football and pro wrestling) in the United States of America and Japan, a professional bodyguard and a former wrestler for the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) in Atlanta, GA USA.

Today Viktor Krüger is a regular lead actor for German and Austrian productions: „I’m a big fan of a well-told story“.