After his high school graduation in his hometown Graz in Österreich (Austria), Krüger (engl. Krueger) absolved the mandatory Austrian military service as well.

Then he moved to the United States of America to play College and professional American Football, before being recruited by the back then biggest professional wrestling organization WCW (World Championship Wrestling) in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

To this date Viktor Krüger remains the only Austrian worker for this company a TBS subsidiary and for the whole United States as well. After fulfilling his 3-year contract, Viktor started working for the fight organization Battlarts in Tokio, Japan where he did 19 tours to participating in over 73 shootfights able to secure 2 championships amongst other numerous achievements.

During one of his tours to the land of the rising sun he was movie casted for the first time as the Yakusa king bodyguard in the Japanese movie „Zero Woman“ directed by Norihisa Yoshimura. Throughout his illustrious 20-year pro-wrestling career Viktor was progressively casted for the international TV and film industry.

Today Viktor Krüger is a regular lead cast especially for German and Austrian productions as a trained professional actor: „I’m just a big fan of a well told story“.