Viktor Krüger (engl. Krueger) is a trained actor from Austria, former professional athlete (American Football in the U.S. and Europe / WCW Pro-Wrestling in the U.S. and MMA style fighting in Japan), and a Personal Protection Officer in the war zone desert.

After his high school graduation in his hometown Graz, he absolved the Austrian Military Service. In due course, he accepted full athletic scholarships to play football at two U.S. universities, first in Michigan, then in Georgia. In 1991, during the football off-season he also developed an interest in Wrestling and began participating in Southern Championship Wrestling in Alabama and Georgia. Viktor’s professional career in football began in1993, when he joined the Huntsville Invaders of the NPML Conference, USA.

But a professional career in Wrestling also came calling, and in the same year he attended World Championship Wrestling training in Atlanta, Georgia, then worked for the WCW as a professional wrestler for the next three years while also getting signed in 1994 as a pro football player in the new United Football League, playing that year in the Tai Pei Classic in Taiwan.

To this date the Krüger remains the only Austrian worker for the WCW a TBS subsidiary. After graduating from his US studies in business administration, Viktor started working for the MMA style fight organization Battlarts in Tokyo, Japan where he did 19 tours to participating in over 73 submission wrestling shoot-fights able to secure 2 world championships including other numerous successes.

During his years in the land of the rising sun, Viktor’s next career as an actor came calling when he was asked to act in the most famous Japanese movie theme Zero Woman in 1997. Throughout his illustrious 22-year pro-wrestling career, Viktor was cast for more and more movies in Germany, Italy and Austria, turning him into a full-time professional actor known for COPS – The movie (Cinema 2018 Austria), Tatort – Pumpen (TV movie 2019 Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), Projekt Adler (Action stunt movie 2020-21 by Lightberg Studios), Luden – Könige der Reeperbahn (Amazon Prime Video Series 2023).

Today Viktor Krüger is a regular lead cast especially for German and Austrian productions as a trained professional actor and stuntman: „I’m just a big fan of a well told story“.